5 Surprising Benefits of Re-Entering the Workforce After Retirement.

If you’re thinking about returning to work after retiring, you’re not alone. Photo by Knut Troim on Unsplash More and more people are choosing this option as they age, for a variety of reasons. Now is the time to take advantage of your experience! You may feel like your skills aren’t being used, and it’s […]

Waiting and Waltzing in Airport Terminals — Song by Industries of the Blind

WRITING INSPIRED BY: MUSIC I would listen to song if I were in an airport terminal today. Photo by Charles Gao on Unsplash Business and Personal I have traveled in the past for both business and personal reasons. Travel for business is great because your business is paying for you to conduct business on their behalf, and you […]

A Song for Starlit Beaches — Song by Yndi Halda

WRITING INSPIRED BY: Music I Have Many Memories About Being at the Beach. Photo by Casey Horner on Unsplash Being born in San Francisco that was my first introduction to the beach. Ocean beaches differ from other beaches because of the salt water and the smell the salt differentiates from freshwater beaches. Being at the beach at night […]

Searching for Inevitabilities — Song by April Rain

WRITING INSPIRED BY: SONG The Search Begins With the Birth of Human Life and Ends at Death. Photo by John Tallent on Unsplash The journey between birth and death is the part which we get to work on. Everyone has a different trajectory. Some close to others and some that may never come close. While other that come […]

Out There — Song by Long Distance Calling

WRITING INSPIRED BY: SONGS Out There, Attempting to Sort Out Our Lives. Photo by Olimpo Avila Salazar on Unsplash We are born with no manual in hand. Most have parents, or another teacher of sort. Learning to breathe is first and format on the list of learning. Followed by eating and pooping. Discovering others around us, we learn to […]

Moment of Clarity — Song by Light Bin

WRITING INSPIRED BY: SONGS Get Up Above the Clouds to See Clearly the Clarity. Photo by Marek Piwnicki on Unsplash The moments come and go, but they do come and remind us of the clarity. We must be patient and listen for their arrivals. That clarity for me is that I am a writer, and I must write, […]

Don’t Stay Here — Song by Frames

WRITING INSPIRED BY: SONGS Life Is a Series of Balancing and Steps as We Move Forward Photo by Raphael Renter on Unsplash There have been many times in my life that required me to listen to my gut feeling when I heard “Don’t Stay Here.” Three different times that come to mind were in one a relationship, two a […]

A Look Back — Song by Franco Robert

WRITING INSPIRED BY: SONGS A Review of Our Life From Our Rearview Mirror Photo by Daniel Novykov on Unsplash A shout out and thanks to Frank James Sanders. Thanks for the article I just checked my stats. It confirmed what I wanted them to be. When we look in our rearview mirror what are some of the things […]