Morning Rant

We would likely live longer with fewer aliments

Photo by Bethany Szentesi on Unsplash

Most human created chemicals and pharmaceutical have side effects or contain warnings statements.

They posted warnings on the products labels, talk about it int aired commercials, and in any advertisements.

Creating chemicals and pharmaceutical cost money. People and created entities, businesses, like to make money. Usually lots of money so they can create other companies that allow them entrance into space, as in above the earth. They can then add another notch to their belt with bragging rights because they achieved astronaut status. This status means a lot to them because they could shortcut the time most astronauts train and spend in space.

Other side effects include the making of billionaires.

Meet The 40 New Billionaires Who Got Rich Fighting Covid-19

COVID vaccines create 9 new billionaires with combined wealth greater than cost of vaccinating world’s poorest countries.

Wonder how well the new 49 billionaires sleep at night?

What if all the pharmaceutical companies were non-profit companies?

Vitamins and minerals also have side effects if taken in large quantiles.

There are many things in life that when taken in large quantities have negative effects including earlier termination, death, that normally would have happened should you consider the advice of the label.

You get to decide what you take into your body.

What you take in will determine the quality and length of your life. Smoking and large amounts of the wrong drugs will shorten your life and change the quality of life for you.

Organic food would benefit the entire globe, extend our life and that of the planet.

Nothing in this article is likely new to most, just a morning rant after reading the morning newspaper flier that had a large organic ad. I am glad that organic foods are more available in most food stores today. And they are at reasonable prices.

How many people would purchase organic food if it was the same price?