This Writer’s Journey

I See Glimpses From Time to Time and the Focus Is Starting Show a Better View

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I Am Building My Thing Not Knowing What the Final Version Will Look Like.

After reading one of Sean Kerman’s article, it inspired me to write this article.

Here is the nugget I received from the article,

“Quantity becomes its own form of quality.” Sean Kernan.

I need to write more to increase my quality, and I will.

To date, after publishing this article, I will have sixty-five published articles.

This writer’s journey differs from many in that I started thinking about writing later in life, in early 2011. Later in the year I would be 59. Most writers discover their desire for writing early in life. I have read many stories of those starting as early as 6 years old. Other writers start in their teens, go off to college and major in a field that is related to writing.

I have journal entries of writing ideas as far back as the beginning of 2011, with the idea one day I would create articles. Many of those early journaling thoughts are today found in my articles and many more thoughts from the early journaling will be used in the future articles.

May 2014, I joined to learn and read regularly, thinking one day I would publish. A lot of other irons in the fire kept me busy. I published my first article on April 1, 2019, a little over two years ago.

During the period from May 2014 to Apr 2019, I learned a lot about writing, from reading and observing other writer’s habits. Many of those other writer’s habits will be seen in me over time.

Some who like me discover later in their life writing is something they want to learn simply because they can. It does not motivate us to make a living off writing, if money comes our way, we will gladly accept it and put it to good use.

We simply want to write about what we have learned in life. Give you our unfiltered opinion. Share experiences with others so they might avoid doing the same thing at a young age.

The Future is So Bright

Maybe one day my name will appear in the list of writers who succeeded later in their life.

I wrote this article to encourage others and myself too.

I have step 1–4 down and need a little more work on step 5, Repeat.

Today I have 5 articles, this one and 4 more started with titles this morning by the end of my scheduled reading time.

The best school of writing can be in plain sight, you just must read it.

I am attempting to get my “X” on the calendar as Justin Cox points out in this article Learn From Jerry Seinfeld.

Reading the three additional articles mentioned in Justin Cox’s article will push you further down your writing journey.

I encourage you as a writer to continue moving forward on your journey at whatever age you are at today.

Please share your writer’s progress in the comments.

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