What If Theory

What if Amazon Employees and customers were in charge?

Photo by Solen Feyissa on Unsplash

‘You Guys Paid for All of This’, Jeff Bezos Thanks Amazon Employees, Customers, After Returning From Space.

What if both Amazon Customers and Amazon Employees had a voice in making the earth a better place for both current and future generations?

Amazon Employees.

What if the wages of Amazon employees were the best in the country, leaps and bounds ahead of the minimum wages anywhere?

People would stand in line waiting for the next job at Amazon to become available.

Once hired, they would have a vested interest in keeping the job and want to stay there for a long time in the future.

They would be lights of changing the lives of friends, families, and communities, and well as their very own. They would want to change their community because they had new resources to do that.

Amazon Customers.

Customers would have a choice of lower prices or rewards. Rewards for shopping that could then be to shop.

Customers would tell everyone about the great shopping and price experience.

Competition Would Complain.

Other companies would suggest that Amazon was really a new monopoly and ask the government to stop all this helping customers and employee and return to the former process of helping only share holders and Jeff Bezos become another astronaut type something.

What if Jeff Bezos lived a different life?

Jeff may have spent more time on relationships and might have still married to McKenzie Scott. Someone else might be the owner of the Washington Post.

Jeff and McKenzie might have decided that spending money on improving the planet’s surface, people, and plan for a better future for many was a better idea and a more equal distribution of money.

But this did not happen, and I will return you to the reality that we have today.

Maybe some day some people will think that a collective of many lights can change this planet for the good of all instead of the inequality model in play today. I have hope in the future.

Thank you for reading and listening.

What do you think?