My One January 2021 Writing Goal

Write and Publish Daily.

Photo by Danielle MacInnes on Unsplash

I have one goal for January 2021, write and publish daily. What I write today may not be the article I publish.

To publish daily, I will need to have a series of articles in my pipeline. I have a pool of draft started articles that need completing. I will complete 30 articles this month.

As a writer, we start with a word or a concept and it’s your job to create more words, linking them together creating sentences. Molding the sentences into paragraphs. With the right number of paragraphs, we have our article.

It’s that simple. I can do that.

During January I will work on my February 2021 Goal Definition.

I am excited to launch my writing journey, to be a better writer in 2021.

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