How to Describe What Your Unique Philosophy Is

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Your personal philosophy is the foundation upon which you build your life. It reflects your values, beliefs, and principles, shaping your thoughts, actions, and decisions. Defining your unique philosophy allows you to gain clarity about your purpose, set meaningful goals, and navigate life with a sense of authenticity and fulfillment. Understanding Philosophy: Philosophy is the […]

Belief Five: Everyone Is Unique and Has Their Own Unique Philosophy.

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Because we are unique Our beliefs are therefore unique Our beliefs are shaped by our individual experiences, perspectives, and values. No two people have had the same life journey, so it is only natural that our beliefs will differ as well. Additionally, our beliefs are influenced by the cultures, societies, and communities we are a […]

Belief Four: The Unique Three Bucket Thinking System

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The concept of the three buckets is a powerful metaphorical representation for organizing and processing thoughts surrounding a particular subject matter. In Belief One I talk about the three pillars of uniqueness: body, spirit, and environment. Explaining how each of these pillars contributes to our individuality and how they interact with each other to shape […]

Death Is a Subject That No One Has Mastered Dealing With, Including Me.

Nellie, our sweet ten-year-old Doberman passed away yesterday afternoon.. Nellie, our sweet ten-year-old Doberman passed away yesterday afternoon. It was sudden and unexpected, we had no idea that she had cancer, Osteosarcoma. We walked three times a day. She was getting older, and the walks became shorter over time. She showed no signs of pain […]

Belief Three: Life’s Unique Purpose Is an Adventure and Experiment

There is no predetermined path for everyone. To find our purpose in life, it is our responsibility to figure it out and set our life course. This involves taking stock of our strengths and weaknesses, identifying what motivates and excites us, and setting realistic goals that align with our values. It also means being open […]