Embracing the Early Morning Stillness: My Experience of Waking Up Naturally

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No walk-up alarm for me. It’s 4:38 am, and I find myself lying awake in bed, contemplating the tranquility of the early morning hours. I wake up naturally without the need for an alarm clock. From my consistent waking schedule to the creative process that unfolds during these early moments, and the occasional recollection of dreams.

Waking Up Naturally

For as long as I can remember, I have always been awake before any alarm I set to wake me. Setting an alarm has become a distant memory, as I cannot recall the last time, I relied on one. Even during my travels, both domestic and overseas, I have never felt the need to set an alarm. Although there have been a few instances when I requested a wake-up call after staying up late, it was a rare occurrence.

Early Morning Reflections

Several days a week, I find myself waking up earlier than usual at 5 am. These additional waking minutes become a precious time for me to engage in deep thinking and plan my writing for the day. My thoughts often wander in various directions, sparking creative ideas and inspirations. Before I drift off to sleep each night, I review my writing ideas, allowing them to percolate in my mind while I sleep or during those moments when I lay awake before deciding to get up. Sometimes, I even find myself mentally drafting article ideas, juggling two or three concepts simultaneously. To ensure I capture these fleeting thoughts, I reach for my phone and record them before they are overwritten by the next wave of ideas.

The Elusive Passage of Time

As I immerse myself in contemplation, time seems to stand still. Waiting for it to move forward can be an exercise in patience. Whether it’s eagerly anticipating a traffic light to change or watching a pot of water boil, the more attention I pay to time, the slower it appears to pass. However, when I divert my gaze from the clock and turn my thoughts inward, I find myself reviewing the last thoughts from before sleep or reflecting on vivid dreams that linger in my memory. I ponder their meanings and consider if they were triggered by events from my day or week. These dreams, at times, feel incredibly real and offer insights worth exploring.

Dream Recollection

In the early morning hours, I often find myself reflecting on dreams that have left a lasting impression. One such dream involved our beloved dog who passed away six months ago. In the dream, I had the joyous opportunity to talk and run with her, relishing every moment of her company. Although I was aware that it was a dream, the experience felt remarkably real. I cherished the time spent with her, knowing that during her lifetime, I had dedicated more time to her than any of our other dogs. Walking her twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening, created a special bond between us. Our other dogs had ample fenced acreage to run and expend their energy.

Early Riser Who Embraces the Stillness of the Early Morning.

I have long abandoned the use of alarms, relying instead on my internal clock to wake me. The quiet moments before dawn become a canvas for my thoughts and creative ideas. I also find solace in the recollection and analysis of dreams, seeking meaning and lessons within them.

Are you an early or late riser?

Do you rely on alarms to wake you?

Do you, too, find yourself recalling dreams?

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