The Dream: Walk away is sometimes the best approach.

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Dreams — the kind that take place while we sleep.

The Dream: Walk away is sometimes the best approach.

Dreams — the kind that take place while we sleep.

I usually sleep like a baby, literally.

We all have dreams while we sleep, and sometimes we able to recall them.

We sleep to rest the body, but one of our minds is always on and active. Dreams is one of what the unconscious mind is busy at while we sleep.

Are the dreams real? They appear to be in your subconscious mind while they are happening. If you go to sleep things about a particular problem or thoughts, dream may be the processor working on that for you while you sleep.

When we awake, sometimes the first thoughts of our cognitive minds are to recall the dreams that were playing in our mind subconscious prior to waking.

The suggestions of what to do when you wake is to think about as much of the dream as you can, the events, the people, the places, family, friends, and any other detail. Gathering the details before they seem to evaporate, and they do the longer you are awake. Be prepared to make your way to your favorite recording device of your choice to capture as much as you can remember.

Dreams while we sleep will seem as real as that of when we are awake consciously walking around in our body — both seem alive and real.

Do dreams have a message for us to consider? Are they telling us something to consider? When I wake, I recall most of what I was dreaming, sometimes there are several episodes or completely different dreams.

I have a history of helping people, many times more for free than not.

I had this dream where I was going to help someone do some work on a second home.

The couple in the dream was someone we knew from the past. They were financially well off. Rumors have it that much of the wealth gain was during his political career. His political career spanned many years until the community voted in term limits.

I was going to perform a small remodel job. We were at the point of agreeing on the work performed and at what cost. And then the guy asked for the material at no cost to him as part of the bid. The bid was for labor only.

In the dream, I just decided in a split second to walk away. And just keep walking.

It was at that moment that I awoke.

When I woke, I started capturing as many details before the dream faded, like most do.

The message I received is there are those times that it is best to just walk. I will remember this dream and again when I read this article in the future.

Thank you for reading.

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