We are voting all the time, you might not have realized that.

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Voting Throughout Your Life

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Voting usually associated with the political universe. In many counties, voting takes place to elect the Presidents and other elected officials. Those elected officials hold positions in the country, a state, counties, and cities. Some elected officials then have the responsibilities to appoint others to additional government positions.

We are encouraged and reminded of the importance of voting, but I have yet to see anywhere that 100% of the people voted in any election.

Voting Throughout Your Life

You are voting 100% of the time where you spend your money and time. What you spend your time and money on is at varying degrees counted as something that you approve of, like it or not.

The shopping you do for everything that you eat, clothing you wear, products you buy, automobiles you purchase, everything.

When we have choices

Every company that you do business with is another form of voting, you approve of that business.

The food purchases you make at fast food and the various grocery stores, you are voting your approval of that business.

Purchase stock in a company. You are voting the approval of that company business; you voted.

A No Vote

Not buying any one product or supporting any company is also a vote against.

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