You keep writing because it brings joy and happiness.

Inspiring You To Write

Even if you discover that only one person read your story.

Photo by Jeison Higuita on Unsplash

You feel on top of the world looking out and the sun has raised above the horizon; it is a beautiful sight.

There was no to research to do, or lookup on the internet. You had a momentary thought, and you wrote about it.

That very moment you wrote what you were thinking, capturing it before it had time to escape into the wild.

You took the few minutes to write in expressive writing, what came to your mind at this small sliver of time.

Soon you decide to edit it with a grammar checker.

Find the perfect picture to represent what you were thinking and wanted to tell the reader.

The more I write and continue along my writer’s journey, the happier and joyous I feel, as I do at this moment.

This is a shortform article, anyone can create one, try it.

Once you have written your shortform, please send me a link to.

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