Out There — Song by Long Distance Calling


Out There, Attempting to Sort Out Our Lives.

Photo by Olimpo Avila Salazar on Unsplash

We are born with no manual in hand.

Most have parents, or another teacher of sort.

Learning to breathe is first and format on the list of learning.

Followed by eating and pooping.

Discovering others around us, we learn to walk, not the best at first.

Now we are mobile and can discover additional things around us.

We have started our journey of being out there.


We trust our parents and those around us because we do not know any different. Until we find that one or two things do not align with something else, we were told. We ask questions of those around us, and they provide explanations. We move on for now.

We soon learn that everyone has their own definition of trust. Black and white, and many shadows of grey enter everyone’s definition and you become confused. Not that simple.


As you grow up, you see people just like you out there, making progress in life. Some take shortcuts, but you decide that is not for you, you know better. And you do not know why you know better, or different from those others. How did they conclude that? Was it their parents, those around them or a combination?


You hear people talking, saying one thing and behaving differently or in the exact opposite of what they said. You become confused for a moment and decide that behavior is wrong and not for you.


Your parents teach you about being respectful to everyone and those things around you. You see many others behaving contrary to what you have learned. You talk to several and they make fun of you. You decide you will not talk to those and you like being respectful to those around you and are grateful for the things you. And you continue living that way.

Unpredictable life events

There come times in your life where the story does not always go the way you want to think it should go. You adjust and continue to life your life the best you can know what you know about being a good person because you are the happiest you can be in that state.

Out There

We are all out there trying of living out our life with the knowledge we gain along the way. If some get bad information their life will follow in that path.

Bad Information

If you feel you have bad information, toss it out and get good information.

Take a listen to the song on your favorite music service and tell me what you think about it.

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