Just think about it — People, Politics, Technology, and Religion.

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Everybody Wants To Rule the their World

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Politics, Technology, and Religion

Three aspects of People living on this globe, we call earth, Politics, Technology, and Religion. Before we arrived here, each was meaningless. After we leave, the jury is out on that one.

The before we arrived and after we leave opinions are vast, so for now I will focus on the living on the globe for now. Saving the other topics for another time and writing.

Without the existence of People, there is no reason for Politics, Technology, and Religion.

People influence and control Politics, Technology, and Religion.


The moment that two people showed up on this globe we call earth, a difference of opinion could occur. The more people arrived, the more possibilities of varying opinions on every topic imaginable.

Every person has their own unique belief system. That belief system will have varying degrees of overlapping beliefs with others, but not an exact match. If there was the possibility of an exact match between them, some of us would then be a copy of another. Even those born of with one or multi siblings are each unique.

Time and Money

Time is the one resource we all must work with. It starts upon our arrival and stops when we leave. The amount is unknown to us. We only know of the beginning point in time, and nothing of the end time. The rules about time are the same for everyone. Measured today in seconds, minutes, days, months, and years.

What we do with our time is entirely up to us. One option for our time is to use it to earn money. Money is a medium to exchange for goods and service.

You and others could use your time and money to influence people in Politics, Technology, and Religion.

People in Politics, Technology, and Religion will focus on your time and money to further their cause.

My One Sentence Definition

Politics provides some structure, frameworks, rules, and some version of order.

Technology is a set of tools which assists people during their visit here on earth.

Religion focuses on our behavior on earth, interaction with others, an explanation for life before and after, and a bridge between the known and unknown.

Common Characteristics of the Three

Within the three areas, Politics, Technology, and Religion, there are infinite versions or belief systems contained with each category. Each has their own following of people who may from time to time may choose to move between the groups of slightly different belief systems.

Each grouping is looking to extract both your attention to gain your time and money. Their focus is to h manipulate you into believing their truths. Every brand of Politics, Technology, and Religion believes they are the only and right way.

Religion is one grouping for which you can take it or leave. I guess that no religion is one option. Politics and Technology are two of the areas for which we must embrace some version. Even if we do not believe one ideology fully.

In Conclusion

We have available for review the current day history and that for many years before. That history contains the actions of People, Politics, Technology, and Religion.

A quick view of history reveals the People to control humanity. People want to rule the world.

We all have our belief systems that are as unique as a snowflake. I read somewhere that no two snowflakes are alike. If that changes, I will have to change that sentence’s reference to something other than snowflake.

Within Politics, Technology, and Religion there are many shades of philosophical thinking with varying degrees of overlapping. Meaning some are similar and most are different. So that makes me conclude that all cannot be right, but all can be wrong.

There is no universal system or process to arbitrate the truth, and capable of picking one, eliminating all the others.

We each get to rule our version of the world through our belief systems. There does not have to be an exact match since there is not an exact match for each of us.

We get to choose what is right, and it is high likely not going to agree with many others.

What do you think? Your Thoughts?

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