The Morning Light slowly disappears daily and becomes the Night

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One of the many things we have no control over

I wrote this article in May 2020 and have been thinking lately of some of those things in the 95% bucket of things we have no control over.

Morning Thoughts

Even in the most overcast of days, there is still enough light that reaches us.

Everyone likes it when the sun rises, even those who cannot see the sun.

The rising sun is the official signal that we have started a new day, I wonder how long this process has been repeated.


Today we have the opportunity for fresh adventures, living our life to the fullest.

We begin the day with making plans for today and the future.

We choose what to do with the seconds, minutes, and hours.


As the day progresses, the light of the sunrise slowly disappears during the day and becomes night.

The current day will become the prior day at midnight, and it is then history.

Yesterday is a day we cannot change; but only reflect on, learn from, and remember.

Photo by FLY:D on Unsplash

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