This Writer’s Journey

All Pilots Did Not Start as Pilots. They, Over Time, Learned How to Fly and Became Pilots.

Photo by Carl Nenzen Loven on Unsplash

So it is with a writer, but our time in the air is words published, not just written.

This message is just as much pointed to me as inspiration to others.

It takes some undetermined amount of time and practice to master writing. Your readers will let you know when you have arrived.

I wrestle with getting every article just perfect, and that causes delays in publishing.

I spend too much time working on perfect. Instead of just get it published. There must be a happy medium?

Share with me your ways of accomplishing completed writing ready to hit “publish.”

My Daily Reading Intake.

Medium is one source of reading.

I have email list that I subscribe to which provides additional sources of reading and inspirational input.

As of today, I get email newsletters from these three places: The Hustle Newsletter The Morning Brew Blendle, each providing a different perspective on news. I review many portions and read the ones that interest me for that day. Blendle has articles from many major publications that you pay only if you want to read the full article.

What are your sources for reading? Please share with me and others?

Upping the Publishing Frequency.

Completing many of the articles in my huge inventory of started and incomplete ideas and articles.

I have a lot of life experience, stories, and thoughts to share. Being am at the point in life, between 69 and 70 years old, it is time to release the articles to the world. And so, I better get going, stop dragging my feet.

Starting with this one.

Thank you for reading, comments and/or suggestions?