Everyday Life for a Person on the Street Can Be Both Simple and Complex, I Can Only Imagine.

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There Are Many Who I Believe Are Genuinely in Need of help, Others I Am Not Sure Of.

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Street people I would like to call them instead of homeless.

Their home for this point in time is the street with no specific address to call their own. They usually choose public places to camp. I have seen others on business properties.

According to Maslow’s hierarchy theory, most of those I see on the streets are working only on the physiological needs. Physiological needs include air, water, food, sex, sleep, clothing, and shelter. They are not working on creating a resume or looking for a job. They are living just day to day.

What I do not know.

Have they given up on life? Had too many disappointments in life. They may have mental issues, drug usage or abuse?

What I have heard firsthand or seen.

Much to my surprise, someone was removing plastic recyclables from my curb recycle container one morning. I asked what he was doing, and he explained that this was his only income. He began telling me his story of down on his luck events that ended with him being on the streets. Recycling was the only way to get money to eat. He had his identification stolen from him and had no way of getting it replaced. His clothes did not seem tattered but well worn. He collected the recycles and went on his way.

I recently observed someone at the corner of an on-ramp and later driving into the local grocery store parking. They were driving a mini pickup with a dog in the front and other dog in the back. They fully loaded both the front and back of the vehicle with stuff.

Others I see collecting money and when they have enough money, I have observed them in the markets purchasing alcohol only in the quick checkout lane. Some do purchase meal items and other drinks.

Most communities offer help or have mission type organizations, for both food and shelter. They limit the number of times one can stay in their facilities within a specific period.

Churches typically have days and times they serve meals.

Some communities have sites set aside for people to set up temporary campsites. Other communities find the encampments and decide to remove people.

We all have seen encampments alongside the highways, some small other of considerable size.

I believe others are sharing kindness and see them doing the same thing. I see some regular people from time to time in the various locations where street people seem to have regular places they stand.

What I can only do for some of the Street People.

I do not know their complete life story, where they were in life before they arrived on the street. The ones who have shared stories about their life seem complete and are a long string of misfortunes in their life. Some simply seem to have accepted this as their lot in life.

I have no formal training that would give me an advantage to help or guide these people, just compassion for them; and I do what I can from time to time.

In my car I keep several plastic bags of coins for the times I am prompted to give them out. It is for when I feel it is the time to help that one person at that specific time; I get a feeling to do it and I do. Shortly after giving up one bag, I will create another bag of coins for the next time or opportunity.

I rarely know much about the person who will receive the coins. I have on occasions spoken with the recipient, but the conversations are usually short. Nothing new have I been able to glean from the brief conversations. Their eyes tell me they are thankful for the help.

Thank you for reading, comments?

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