Moment of Clarity — Song by Light Bin


Get Up Above the Clouds to See Clearly the Clarity.

Photo by Marek Piwnicki on Unsplash

The moments come and go, but they do come and remind us of the clarity. We must be patient and listen for their arrivals.

That clarity for me is that I am a writer, and I must write, I want to write; I like to write, and I will write.

I think about clarity lately regarding all that is around me, people, especially my wife, personal events, to the local community, then to state, United States, and then out to the world.

I will continue to write more and more about all that is around me. I will also write about what I am thinking about. Including my opinions on a variety of topics.

My clarity regarding writing is that it is in the forefront, there with breathing, eating, exercise, sleeping. No longer in the category of if there is time for it.

I like it the new way and am more comfortable in my skin and happier in life.

I am glad you are here joining me on this journey.

Reorganize your life’s priorities if you want writing to be in the forefront. There is no magic to it, just do it, I did.

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