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But in all that wondering, why is it the subconscious never needs to sleep?

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Writing Inspired By Article from Tochukwu Okoro


Does the subconscious mind exist after we die and lose this clay form?

Another one of those unanswerable questions: we do not get the answer until later.

But in all that wondering, why is it the subconscious never needs to sleep?

Might it be that our subconscious mind existed before we arrive in this clay suit.

Gary Busey thinks so when he said, “I’m an angel in an earth suit.”

Or after we die are we all in a place more like what Starman describes in the movie when Jenny Hayden asks “What is it like up there?”

– Starman: It is beautiful. Not like this, but it is beautiful. There is only one language, one law, one people. There is no war, no hunger. The strong do not victimize the helpless. We are very civilized, but we have lost something, I think. You are all so much alive, all so different. I will miss the cooks and the singing and the dancing. And the eating! …And the other things.”

Gary and Starman provide a simpler explanation than the many religions.

Two thoughts to think about.

1. We created the idea of god not the other way around.

2. With so many religions to choose from, they all can not be right, but they all can be wrong.

What are your thoughts?

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