Focus Is My One Word For 2021

I don’t know what writer’s block is, but I know what writer’s distractions are.

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Not unlike a camera, we have to check our focus from time to time.

For the year 2021, my word is Focus, and my goal is now One Article Published Daily

Itxy Lopez’s article about one word encouraged me to define my one word of intention as Focus.

My word for 2021 is focus — Focus to overcome distractions.

In my goal-setting process last year, I did not build a section or process to overcome one thing that I am aware of and that is distractions. They come from every direction and require my attention. Or so that what I think and of course respond. But now I have created the mother of all bin lists to place anything that distracts me on the list for further consideration after I have accomplished my foremost daily goals.

My Goal is now Publish — Publish daily allows me to reach December 31, 2020 as a better writer.

I originally wrote my goal as writing and publishing daily. I write daily and have for far too many years. Without a single new idea to write about, I have a huge inventory of ideas and started articles that need work and editing. .

Today I’m simplifying my goal to publish articles daily, as in a minimum of one article published daily in 2021.

Now I will deal with my distractions issues.

How to overcome — Recognize it and then persevere to overcome it.

Admit it and own it.

It is nine days into the new year of 2021 and I have not been consistent with my one goal with the one thing I wanted to accomplish in 2021. Write and Publish Daily. I allowed distractions to divert me from my goal.

Define it

Distractions are anything and everything that distracts you from your original course and direction. They take you on a side route to something which you must do now and cannot wait.

Know the Cause

I believe my cause is not paying attention and allowing both internal and external sources to take my attention in another direction.

Here’s the list of distractions that consume my time and thinking.

  1. Organizing files, articles, and photos.
  2. Tweaking my website.
  3. Reworking my email list process. Sign up for my email list.
  4. A long list of personal distractions that can wait.

My Improved Plan

  1. I will complete reading Nir Eyal’s book called Indistractable. I started reading it months ago, but I got distracted with other books and did not finish reading it. So today it is the book I will complete before any other book.
  2. I will again read and finish before picking up another book. Report out on this book soon.
  3. Rewrite an Focused Plan — I changed my number one goal to publish daily.
  4. Track Daily Progress

Roger 2021 revised — I’m back!

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