The Here and Hereafter — Song by if These Trees Could Talk


We kind of know something about the here, the hereafter we have far too many theories.

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When we think about the hereafter many seem to ponder and look into the sky, intending to make connection out there that represents the hereafter.

Most religions have some indications there is some energy out in the universe that we will connect with in the hereafter.

We kind of know something about the here.

We are at the year twenty-twenty-one, a date agreed upon by someone sometime ago. Not sure how the keeping of days and the calendar worked before with the days going backwards. How did they know to count the days and years backwards? When did they start with a large number and then deduct one year? Did we always have 365 days? And every four years add February 29?

With people potentially living 100 years and we divided 2021 by 100 that equals a little over 20 times for humans and society to get it figured out and improve. Not a lot of evidence to convince many that we are heading in the right direction.

Seems like another thousand years there will have been move change or would the human experiment run its course like the dinosaurs before us?

The people on the planet

The planet and the many inhabitants, some still here, many others kinds no longer here from the past, and the unknown who will be here in the future.

The people sometimes considered strange and unpredictable all trying to figure it all out. Never really getting it right the first time, or the second, or the third. Maybe never will.

The Planet

We think we know all there is about the planet. But in reality we have little knowledge.

Who controls the turning of the planet? Who operates the moon that controls the raise and lowering of the sea levels.

How do those things that are under the crust really operate?

Does the planet have an end date in the future?

Why is this planet the only one that has life similar to that is on our planet?

We can someone predict the weathers and the patterns, but then the change without warning.

The biggest issue is not the planet or the other inhabitants, it is the humans.

The Hereafter has the most unknown unknowns

The Idea Of A God.

As for the hereafter there are unless theories by endless counts of people. Unverified theories typically categorized as religion.

The theories of the hereafter lie in the valley of Unknown Unknows.

There are some 4,300 religions of the world according to

The List of religious populations breakdown thanks to Wikipedia.

The Big Bang Theory

There are those that subscribe to the Darwin theory of the Big Bang. The planet and the inhabitants just happened. A random act. No plan ahead of the event.

The Other Possibilities

The Atheist does not believe in the divine god thing. The agnostic does not choose sides as to the existence of a god or not, leaving the door open for possibilities.

Unknown Unknows

We still have much to learn about the planet and the inhabitants.

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