How I Lost 40 Pounds in 2022: My Journey

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Photo by Towfiqu barbhuiya on Unsplash

In 2022, I committed to myself to lose weight. I was determined to reach my goal, and I did it! In this article, I’ll share with you how I lost 40 pounds in just one year. I hope my story will inspire you to make your own health and fitness journey. Thanks for reading!

I decided that I wanted to make a lifestyle change in January of 2022. I was overweight and unhappy with my appearance. I decided to lose weight, and I started researching different methods. Everyone’s weight-reduction plan will be as unique as you are. I can up with a process that worked for me.

In less than a year, I had lost 40 pounds and I felt great. This is my story of how I decided to change my life and stuck with it until I reached my goal.

Tracking your progress daily and having your food supplies on hand will make sure you get to the finish line.

Why I Decided to Lose Weight

My big stomach bugged me, and I knew it was unhealthy. I want to be able to live a healthier and longer life. I think I was eating the wrong kinds of food and the amount was more than I needed to keep my body healthy. I knew simple math; you keep adding numbers and they get larger as did my body over many years.

I knew that eating more veggies and fruits, drinking more water, and cutting down on starches and sugars were the basics which I was not practicing. I knew that only I could make the change. I decided to use my 4 Step Process that is Time, Plan, Discipline, and Patience to get to the finish line.

How I Changed My Diet

Everyone’s weight-reduction plan will be as unique as you are. I highly recommend not spending any money on prepackaged plans. There is really no need to when you can easily construct a plan that fits your personal lifestyle and needs.

I made the changes to my food intake Monday through Friday, 100 percent. Major modifications for the weekend that included heavily reduced or omitted carbs and sugar. Take your lunch so you are in control of what you are eating.

We continued with our practice of eating organic food when possible and available. The supply of organic food has increased greatly over the years and the availability of more products.

Here is our meal replacement shake ingredients, all of the items where available at Costco except MRM Nutrition Whey Protein, which we purchased from Amazon.

Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides Supplement Powder, Unflavored, 20 oz

MRM Nutrition Whey Protein | Vanilla Flavored |18g Protein | with 2 Billion probiotics + Digestive enzymes + BCAAs | High Absorption + Digestion | Hormone + antibiotic Free

Organic Almond milk

Organic Greek Yogurt

Organic Frozen blue berries

Organic Strawberries

Organic Bananas

I would drink the shake three times per day, at about 10,2, and 4. In the evening have a meal consisting of no sugar and carbs. There are plenty of options, you need to make choices that best fit your likes.

I drank the first Shake before I left for the day. In my cooler were the other two shakes, also a small bit of unsalted mixed nuts and cheese, and at times raw vegetables or fruit. I would be drinking and eating the extras at the 2 and 4 times.

My liquid drink of choice was black and green tea. Black tea was either hot or cold depending on the time of day and season. The green tea I had during the day with my shakes, unsalted nuts, and cheese.

How I Started Exercising

I started exercising years ago in the form of cycling. At first, I attended classes three times per week. Then I decided to purchase a stationary cycle for my home. At first, I was not very faithful in using the home cycle, until I discovered the Peloton cycling app. With the app I usually would cycle three to five times per week. During my 2022 year of weight loss, I was closer to cycling five times per week. The classes I became most interested in were called intervals and arms. These classes strengthened both my arms, and legs, as well as some of my core. For my goal in 2023, I will be adding more core classes. I watch the class on a TV connected to my smart phone. I can also connect my laptop to the TV and play the class on the laptop.

How I Stay Motivated

Weigh in several times a day to check progress and be aware of changes in my weight as they would correspond to unusual food intake is always helpful.

I know what I want to accomplish and that in it self keeps me motivated. I am doing this for myself and my wife as I want to be around for some time, and be healthy.

My Results

Janurary 2022 I weighed 240 pounds, and at the end of 2022 I now weighed 200 pounds. I would weigh myself several times per day. The weigh would fluctuate during the day, but over time it would always be heading in the right direction. 

What I Learned

You can make meal replacement shakes that are good for you and not spend a lot of money on pre-packaged shakes.

Losing weight can happen if you put your mind to it and stay committed.

Cutting out processed foods, most sugars and carbs, and eating more whole foods made me feel better.

I feel so much better now and I’m proud of my accomplishments.

In 2022, I decided to finally lose weight for good. I was tired of feeling unhappy and unhealthy.

The plan was food intake modification and exercise, specifically cycling and arm exercises. I chose the cycling and arm exercise because doing this would help me strengthen my arms and legs while reducing body fat. It all worked to the tune of 40 pounds less and a better healthy feeling.

If you’re looking to lose weight, know that it is possible. Change your mindset to find a plan that works for you. If you put in the time and effort, but it will be worth it in the end.

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