What If Theory

Tesla, in the Future, Will Be a Car Operating System Software Company, Much Like Apple OS, Android OS, or Windows OS Today.

Photo by Matt Hudson on Unsplash

Car OS

My thinking is that Tesla will follow in the path of Google and Microsoft rather than Apple with their Car OS. The Car OS would run on various hardware manufacturer’s devices, such as cars trucks, SUVs, etc.

Tesla chose to build cars and batteries only because the major vehicle manufacturers were slow to respond. By building their own cars and batteries Tesla has a total of 1,396,630 vehicles on the road as of 2020 according to Backlinko. Each vehicle is collecting an enormous amount of data points and sending them back to Tesla’s big data warehouse. This fleet of vehicles is larger than any other company’s on the road testing of electronic vehicles to date.

Data Collection

The collection of big data provides Tesla the information necessary to enhance and upgrade the car’s OS quicker than any other company. Updates are downloaded, no need to visit a dealership.

The data collection includes information about the car’s systems, driver’s actions, as well as photos and videos from both inside and outside the vehicle. China limited access to some places where the car was not allowed.

There are plenty of articles that discuss the data collection.

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