This Writer’s journey

That Is What I Want to Look Like as a Writer in the Future — Happy and Content.

Photo by Willian Justen de Vasconcellos on Unsplash

As a Potter Is at Work Making Pottery.

What he enjoys in living proof all around him, immersed in the very thing that makes him happy.

It is not what he looks like, what he is wearing, it is what is around him, and what he is producing.

Evidence is there in the picture to convict him as a practicing artist.

He has put in the hours necessary that he is producing the fruit of his labor.

It took time to reach the point that he has arrived.

We likely will not see the results of his first attempts in the showcases.

A Writer at Work Writing.

If you are a new writer like me, the journey is long for most of us. There is no magic switch that you just flipped on, and you arrive. No schooling, courses, coaching will replace putting in the time and effort.

We must smile as we write. The result of our continued practicing produces a better result.

Over time, we will build up the evidence to convict us as writers like the many before us.

Time is on your side so continuing practicing will end in your fruit. Stop practicing and you will not produce fruit. It is that simple.

Look at the writing process of others and incorporate the practices you like into your habits. If, after a while, they do not work for you, toss them out and move on. Find new ways to produce your writing.

Happy person who loves what they are doing in life, being a writer.

One day, both you and I will look different, but a similar version of this man in the picture.