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You Have the Day All Planned, You Have Scheduled Everything Into a Time Slot.

Photo by Ian Taylor on Unsplash

You have the day all planned; you have scheduled everything into a time slot.

And then the unexpected happens, and it diverted your attention from the planned activity. Your first distraction event just happened; how will you deal with it?

I get easily distracted; I have recognized this and have an almost immediate reaction to mitigate the distraction.

While I am in the flow of creating an article, in pops and related idea that belongs in another article. It gets lodged in my mind until I pause and capture it for further processing later. Until I take that step of capturing it, it will linger on in my mind and disrupt my flow.

Identifying each distraction is the first step to moving past it. Once identified, your next step is to act to move on without the distraction.

When you have a planned time set aside for each part of the plan, the distraction becomes easier to move past and a habit of moving past with more practice.

Many have written books about distractions. I believe everyone must work out their own plan to deal with distractions in their life. Read the books and articles and take the pieces from each that work for you. Take the pieces from all resources and make them into your plan of attack and conquer the distractions.

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