Retired Now What to Do, One Option Is Enter the Work Force.

Retired Now What to Do

I have noticed that the more and more of the senior population is entering the workforce in record numbers

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I see the senior population alive and well, working in many minimum wage jobs.

Most all of them, including myself now, are besides alive and well, happy, and joyous with what they are doing. I am included in that group. I am a driver who spends almost seven of the eight hours driving. My job as a driver is to move parts from the hub location to other corporate parts business. With only seven days of training, I was off and running on my own. I am covering a position that was open for over twelve weeks with no coverage. The manager is happy considering I said I would not have excuses to not show up.

There are those who decided that more money was better than the current job and took that path.

The onset of the pandemic and the flow of money from the government, many decided on the larger income available from not working as apposed to working. This caused businesses to close or limit their service offerings. The government reduced evictions notices to zero, in additional they extended that date several times. People who did not fear being evicted may have taken advantage of this opportunity and funneled their money into other places. The government provided $47 million to pay landlords, but few local governments created a plan and executed on it, spending only $3 million of the funds.

Driving factors for me that made me return to the workforce.

The onset of pandemic, combined with our remodel, now was the perfect time to find employment as a senior. I have heard stories of many seniors not finding work in the field they exited years ago; myself included.

This article explains my first attempt. It did not end well, but I applied for four positions, including the current one the following week. The new position as a driver is a few dollars less, and a lot of stress less.

I returned to work in 2021. We moved into a rental in February 2020, purchased a home in June 2020 and then remodeled our home, moving in into the home in October 2020. We spent more on the remodel than originally expected, so I decide to replenish our savings. We are both glad we spent the money with a plan to replenish the retirement money.

Today I am a driver who works 11:30AM-8PM, perfect hours for me. This shift allows mornings to run errands and fetch items from local stores. Daily, I fill out a manifest and turn them in after each route. I take no part of the job home or anything else but shirts to laundry weekly. At one location, while dropping off parts, a guy comes out of the restrooms and says, “Senior’s rock!”, with a high five. Made my day.

This is part of my five-year plan while I grow as a writer. I am working again on my Writer Plan 3.0. I will add it here when complete.

Please share your senior job stories with me.

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