You Must Intentionally Jump Into Life With Both Feet To Reach Happiness.

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Your life consists of a past that you are not able to change. The now as in we are talking, and your future, which is completely uncharted and within your control on how it unfolds.

Do what you love.

You are born. You live. In your life, you will die. There is nothing new about that, either!

Never have we had more choices for how to live and work than we do today. So why aren’t you loving what you do? Why are you settling for a life that’s less than ideal? I’m not saying that you must love every single moment of your life. But if most of your time is spent doing something you don’t love, something that doesn’t make you feel alive, then what’s the point?

Do what you love. Follow your heart. Don’t settle for a life that’s anything less than everything you’ve ever dreamt of. You deserve it. We all do.

Do great work.

Great work is a byproduct of doing what you love.

So, when we talk about great work, we’re not talking about fame or money or awards. We’re not even talking about what you do to make a living.

We’re talking about the thing that makes you excited to wake up in the morning; the thing that makes your heart sing; the thing that’s unique to you and only you can offer.

Help others be happy.

Whether it is helping your neighbor move or giving a stranger the last dollar in your wallet (pat yourself on the back if you do that), happiness comes to those who help others. So, how can you help someone else? Well, first things first: give people the benefit of the doubt. Second, be kind and patient with everyone you meet, even people you don’t know. Third, random acts of kindness are one of the best ways to help someone out. And finally, use your talents to help others. If you’re good at doing hair, then do hair for free; if you’re good at painting, then paint for free.

There are so many ways to make other people happy; it just takes creativity and selflessness!

Never stop learning.

The world is a beautiful and complicated place. You are born on this earth; you take in nutrients; you grow up, some, someone teaches you some things, and then at some time you will die. But what happens between the beginning and the end? Learning! If you never stop learning, think of all the possibilities.

It’s possible to learn from other people. It’s possible to learn from experience. You can learn from your mistakes. There are books you can learn from. You can learn by making up new things. You can even learn by going to school. Wherever you’re at in life be it a child or adult be sure to keep an open mind and absorb your environment.

You can’t control everything, but you can control some things. Control the things that matter to you.

There are things you can control and there are things you can’t. You don’t need to be a victim of your circumstances; you can overcome them if you choose the right ones to overcome and then work on those. Remember that what matters makes you happy. The only things you should spend your time and energy on are the things that matter to you; everything else is just noise. If this seems too much work or complicated, don’t worry—if these two factors are aligned, everything else will come naturally.

You are born, and then sometime, you will die, pay attention to the part in between, your life.

Throughout your life, there will be times when you feel like you are on top of the world. Other times, you will feel like you are at the bottom of a pit. No matter where you are on the continuum, it is important to remember that your life is precious.

You are born, and then some time, you will die. In between those two points, is your life. It is up to you to make the most of it. Choose to live your life in a way that is meaningful to you. Do not let others dictate how you should live your life. You are the only one who knows what will make you happy.

It is important to pay attention to the part of your life that is in between your birth and your death. Make the most of it. Live your life in a way that is authentic to you.

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