Hello, Thank You, Cheers My Favorite Three Phrases.

Retired Now What To Do

A Wonderful Way to Start Engaging With Someone

Photo by Kevin Butz on Unsplash

Say “Hello” to others

Starting a conversation with the first word out of your mouth of “Hello,” how can almost anyone be other than happy to see you?

Say “Thank You” to others

Whatever someone has done for you, and you respond with “Thank You,” how can those words result in anything but a pleasant experience?

Say “Cheers!” to others

For years, I have used the word “Cheers!” instead of “bye,” “see you,” etc., and the results have been positive. As a result, some responded with “Cheers” both with and without the exclamation point.

Give this a test and let me know the results.

If you are retired, give this a try. then share the results with me in the comments.

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