How Pruning Gave Me a Better View of Reading Material

This Writer’s Journey

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In the Beginning

As I started my writing journey, reading all the how to increase followings, make $10,000 per month writing, I want to be your coach for $100 per hour articles, both distracted and took me off course.

They all sounded great, and I too wanted to be equally successful as they claimed to be, and they were more than willing to help me at a cost.

One of their most common advice was to follow fifty to one hundred people every day. Even new writers were echoing the same advice. After doing this for some time, I too gained followers. Then, just for giggles, I would look at the amount of people these people were following and found that they were in the group of “Do as I say not as I do.” This group is so large that someone wrote a book about it. The list of people in that book is interesting and well known.

I spent money on other writers’ training, purchased their books, and engaged some in editing my articles. The articles became more reflective of their thoughts than mine. I did not find value in the training or books.

The best value for money is spending only the $180 on The inventory of training for writing hands down exceeds any other option.’s catalog of classes covers fields outside of writing.

Years Later

It took time to discover too much clutter in a feed was distracting and time-consuming. I have since turned the unproductive wasted time and effort into more time for writing. I am productive and focused today, writing more.

These three actions that will fill your feed with articles from genuine writers for your reading pleasure.

1. First, unfollowed almost everyone that you follow in the past. Starting with the noisy “how to barkers.” by muting anyone in this group straight away. That will quiet your recommendations almost instantly.

2. Every article that appears in your feed via the following or recommended tabs you can use the three dots to either mute the author or publication, or both.

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3. Last review and fine-tuned the topics you follow. Go to

The Result Today

The recommendations I see today are more in tune with my topics and the small number of writers I follow. I regularly see quality articles from new writers. You will be ecstatic with the results, too.


My reading experience has improved exponentially.

I have actual people reading and responding. My stats are not high, but I am. I will experience additional growth over time organically. I am pleased with my writing progress.

Try this method and share your results.

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