What Are Your 10 Things You Will Miss on This Planet When You Die?

Senior Citizen Writers

The list will change over time as some items fall off, and we put others on the list.

Photo by Santiago Santos on Unsplash

Here is my list today and I now have a record to compare against in one year.

1. People the kind that care for you and those that you care about.

2. The memory of our fur-kids, cats, and dogs, of the past who have moved on.

3. The Sky’s snow like clouds, the perfect clear blue sky, the sun raising or setting shining through the clouds.

4. Chrystal clear flowing Rivers.

5. Mountains, hills, and fields covered in snow that looks like flowing milk.

6. Lush Forests with the morning and evening sun shining through.

7. The days beginning and ending.

8. Stars that light up the sky at night and dawn, and dusk.

9. Sounds of the birds in the trees.

10. To Love and be loved.

What are the ten things on your list that you will miss?

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