This is My Life: 50 years ago

I was a Senior in high school, next year I would graduate.

Photo by Eliott Reyna on Unsplash

Lunch at our High School

Our high school had an open campus for lunch. There was food that could be purchased on campus. A group of us that would go off campus for lunch to a deli that made some of the most fantastic sandwiches. I would have ham and swiss cheese on rye, or liverwurst on rye.

Electric Mechanical Technology — Vocational School

My high school had vocational training for half of the day in our junior and senior years.

We were bused or if we wanted, and had a car we would leave campus after lunch and head for the specialized vocational school campus.

I really like these classes. I took the lessons seriously, studied, and had grades between B+ and A-.

Later in life I would learn that this was the beginning of my technology journey

I would graduate the year in June 1070

I recall a popular song by Alice Cooper, I’m Eighteen.

This was the lyrics that still ring in my head from that time.

I’m eighteen

And I don’t know what I want


I just don’t know what I want


I gotta get away

I gotta get out of this place

I’ll go runnin’ in outer space

Oh yeah

I worked in a Rental Yard until May 1971

I had several jobs while in high school, busboy, doughnut shop, gas station attendant, I even started a gardening service and pulled weeds.

Once ouinquired of a single asked this man who was the single person local rental yard if he was hiring, he said yes, told what he expected and I was hired.

I learned a lot while working there. Rebuilding small engines, three kinds of welding, running the day to day operations.

Pacific Telephone and Telegraph

In May 1971 I would begin working as a lineman at the then Pacific Telephone and Telegraph in the Bay Area, that later would change their name to Pacific Bell.

I continued working for 26 plus years by transferring to different jobs and departments. The Company also when through additional name changes. many of name changes.

I was 46 years old in 1997 when the company offered a great early retirement buy out package. The retirement and medical was too good to turn down.

It took several weeks to review package, I pulled the trigger and signed the paperwork.

Looking back I should have taken some time off, but I interviewed for several jobs, selected one and started the following Monday after my last day at Pacific Bell.

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