Five Events You May Have Missed Today While Speeding Through Life

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We Go Through Live at Times on Autopilot.

Photo by Julian Hochgesang on Unsplash

We can go through life on autopilot from time to time.

Driving the same course day after day gets us into autopilot mode.

You are in the shower and while you were thinking about your day, you may have shampooed your hair. When you think about it, you do not know and to be sure you shampoo it to be sure, you may have shampooed it twice.

When we are in autopilot mode, we see less of what is happening around us.

I have been aware of the autopilot mode for some time and to counteract; I began paying attention and scanning the area ahead while driving.

Today I saw these five events while driving.

1. Car off the side of the road.

2. Person dress in a security guard outfit appearing to be walking to work at the same time several days.

3. Girl leaning up against a four-by-four sign post with the similar color of skin that she is almost unnoticeable. She is wearing a paisley-colored outfit that almost matches the tattoos she has on her arms, which seem to blend with her outfit.

4. It is a hot day. I notice a car with the rear window missing; it seems blown out by the looks of the mangled area around the place where the window was. They rolled all the windows in the car down. There appears to be a family in the car. Driver and passenger in the front, maybe parents. In the back are three adolescents, all sitting perfectly straight up, not moving around.

5. I see an older woman walking behind a walking. She appears to be coming from a low housing area. She has her purse and other items in the seat. She is heading for the market. She is slender, with a light complexion, like she does not spend any amount of time in the sun. I think this person is someone’s mother, sister, or friend. She is neither happy nor sad. Just making her way to the market to fetch a few things.

Try paying attention to the surroundings while driving and let me know what you see.

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