One of the most important pieces of writing advice I have heard.

This Writer’s Journey

“Good writing is about telling the truth” ~ Anne Lamott

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Our Best Material Is Within Us.

We know the truth about ourselves. The longer we live the more exposure to life and events. Some more memorable, some you want to forget, others funny, some you may not want to repeat. But they are your collection of life events.

You have opinions about everything, people, places, the earth, climate, current events, past events, oh I bet even some events in the future.

Be authentic; do not be a fake version of yourself. Write about what you know, what you like, or what you are thinking.

Write about what is inside your head lodged in your mind just waiting to get out in the world, write it down, edit it and then the most important thing published it and let the world see what you think. Some may agree, others may disagree. If you do not get to the published stage, you will never know what people thing. One more thing publish it.

Reminder get going Roger

I know I now have a started inventory of fifty stories. I am organizing them as I write this article. My goal is to publish and average of one per day.

There are no prerequisites for being a writer.

No degree, no certificate required. Just write and of course publish to be seen by others.

Writing is one of the best jobs for a retired person or someone who has time available.

The longer you live the larger the vault of material available to you, so write, write, write.

Add to your information bank

The more you read the more material you have available to write about. Other forms of material come from videos and audios.

Write about your thoughts regarding your local community, your state, your country, the world, and beyond. There is no limit to what you can write about. Write about non-fiction, fiction, or any of the many genres or categories of writing.

Thank you for reading.

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