Song: Above the Clouds Lies Eternal Sun by Joy Wants Eternity


There is this unobstructed view of the sun

Photo by Jason Leung on Unsplash

There are two groups that have had the opportunity to be above the clouds.

Astronauts and those flying in airplanes.

Astronauts get a personal view that is like no other. We can see footage of the space travels, but it is different when they are out there and have images imprinted on the back of their eye, close up and personal.

The other time is when pilots, crew and passenger are flying above the clouds and the very moment you see a sun rise thousands of feet above the earth it is like no other sight. The memory is locked in your mind. I remember the first time I saw the sun rise on a flight. It was almost indescribable at the time and there you are taking it all in. During the time it happens it is short, but for me time seem to stand still and last for every.

I have been on other flights and seen the same sight and have had a similar feeling. But not like that of the first time.

Take a listen to the song on your favorite music service and tell me what you think about it.

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