First There Is That Distinct Smell of the Ocean and Then the Smell of Salt.

Photo by Janine Robinson on Unsplash

Ocean Beaches

It can take more effort to get to the ocean in some places. When I was younger, I lived 30 minutes from the Santa Cruz beach. Going there just took a decision and a way there. I was fortunate to have my car. Back in the day, many would go surfing, and others like me would go boogie boarding. Smaller board for the smaller waves. I knew better than going on the larger waves. I was not the strongest of swimmers, so I would play it safe.

Many visits to the ocean beaches were for just enjoying the sounds of the waves pounding the sand. The smell of the ocean seemed to beacon you to be sure to make it back for another visit.

Thinking while at the ocean beach was one thing, I spent many a visit when younger. The sound would help me sort things out, make smart decisions. The ocean was a cheerful place to be, and not a place I was ready to leave.

When my daughter was born, we made fewer visit to the ocean beaches until she reached thirty months old. She quickly developed a desire to spend more time at the beach. I was more than willing to accommodate her on as many of our visits as we could get in.

Traveling and Visiting the Ocean Beach

I recall while on a business trip to France I had a little too much to drink and was on a beach. I called my wife back in the US and told her I loved her.

Ocean Beaches Everywhere

We lived most of our life in the Bay Area, so coastal ocean beaches were a stable and easily accessible within hours or less.

When moving to the Seattle area for 10 years and ocean beach access was still possible, but did not go as much because works was demanding of my time.

Moving to Northern Nevada moved us further away from ocean beaches. And that took some time to get over.

Recently we moved back to Northern California. We are with 3 hours of Ocean beach again and I love it.

Grandmother and Ocean Beaches

My love for the Ocean beaches may have the beginning of my family heritage. My grandmother loved the beach for as long as I can remember. When I was small, my grandmother gave me a shell collection, I still have the shell collection to this day.

She moved to Morro Bay later in life because she loved the beaches and was cost effective as she aged. She lived there for years before she passed.

Visit the ocean beaches for the rest of my life

Now that I am older there is not much of a chance for boogie boarding. But there still are many opportunities to visit the Ocean. I will visit the ocean beaches for the rest of my life, for sure.

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