The Scent of the Old Ocean by Those Who Ride With Giants

WRITING INSPIRED BY: SONGS First There Is That Distinct Smell of the Ocean and Then the Smell of Salt. Photo by Janine Robinson on Unsplash Ocean Beaches It can take more effort to get to the ocean in some places. When I was younger, I lived 30 minutes from the Santa Cruz beach. Going there just took a […]

I Played Intercourse Roulette When I Was 18 That Resulted in a Child Being Born

Child Of The Fifties By the Time We Got to First Loves, We Had Discussed Other Topics Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash Talking to a stranger who became a friend. I will call him Bud; he is the owner of the mechanic shop where I take our cars to be serviced. After several visits and discussions, I learned […]

The Scene Is 5 Fur Kids All in the Same 100 Square Feet.

My wife has always joked that we really need is 10 square feet to live in. Photo by Adam Kuylenstierna on Unsplash 10 Square Feet. My wife has always joked that we really need is 10 square feet when it comes down to it for our living space. That 100 square feet is a bedroom, not counting the […]

She said “I miss you.”

Photo by Mayur Gala on Unsplash Death is final, but our memories live on in time. Death has no rewinds or do overs. Robert’s death differed from all the other deaths of friends and family members that I have experienced. He was my friend for 28 plus years. How I meet Robert I first meet […]

Helping my 94 year old friend setup his new learning tools

Photo by JD Mason on Unsplash What keeps Bob going every day Bob turned 94 in January 2019. Bob’s obsessed with two things: golf and bowling. What keeps Bob going every day, his obsession with getting better at bowling and golf. Bob forgets that he’s 94 and cannot do either like when he was 74. Bob […]