My wife has always joked that we really need is 10 square feet to live in.

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10 Square Feet.

My wife has always joked that we really need is 10 square feet when it comes down to it for our living space. That 100 square feet is a bedroom, not counting the large walk-in closet and massive bathroom.

We moved to Northern Nevada in February 2010 with one dog and three cats.

Porsche joined our family shortly after giving birth to a litter of kittens in 2003. Her colors were the combined colors of a dilute calico and a dilute tortie. She was in an animal shelter previously.

Star a female Doberman of 2 years when she joined our family in 2006. We learned that the family found her to be a kind of wild child type and decided she needed a new home. We were glad and excited to add her to our family, and she blended in extremely well.

Emma, a tuxedo cat, also had a litter of kittens before joining our family in 2006. She came from the same shelter that Porsche was staying at before arriving at our home.

Bella, an Abyssinian cat, joined our family in 2008. We learned from her owner about the need to re-home Bella because the owner traveled extensively, and Bella was spending much of her life in a cage. My wife always wanted to have an Abyssinian cat, and her time had come in 2008. Bella is a one-person cat and I’m not that person, that person is my wife.

To the four we added one additional fur kids.

Elvis, a 120-pound male Doberman, joined our family in 2011. His former owners were moving overseas because of a job transfer. Before joining his then family, he would have had to spend 6 months in quarantine alone before being allowed to move overseas. They decide what was best for Elvis was a new family, and we were that new family. And excited to add him to our pack.

One passed away, and we added one more.

Star passed away in 2014. She was outside enjoying the sun and later came inside. She laid down and within minutes she passed. It was not a surprise as she was DMC patient taking medication that extended her life.

Later that year, Misty joined our family in 2014. Misty was six years old, she also had DCM which required daily medication which would extend her life.

Five fur kids in 100 square feet.

Everybody joins us in the evening in our bedroom. I am the first to arrive for bed because I am an early riser and in bed before anyone else, with Elvis arriving shortly, followed by Emma. Elvis is on my side of the bed in his bed, Emma is between my legs. When my wife arrives, the remaining fur kids pile on. Porsche in between her legs, and Bella on the outside of her legs. Star on her bed at the foot of the bed. When Star passed and Misty joined our family the routine continued for years.

And then we were at six fur kids.

Patti May joined our family shortly after we arrived in Northern Nevada. One day in the rain while driving into the garage, she darted into the garage to get out of the rain. We checked with the neighbors, but no one knew of her or her owners. We post lost cat listings with no takers. Having three cats in our home, we tried adding a fourth, but the other cats would not have it; Patti May was content to be a garage cat. We purchased a kiddie condo with a heater for the winter months. Patty May was completely happy with the arrangements.

We entered 2019 with only Misty.

Over time, one by one, our fur kids passed away. The deceased fur kids are cremated and in cedar boxes or an ern. The last one of myself or my wife must make the arrangements for all of us to be scattered at sea together.

Misty had a foster brother Clyde for six months in 2019.

We ended 2019 with out living five dogs and nine cats.

We completely understand when we adopt our fur kids the odds are more likely that we will outlive them, and we accept it. Dislike it, but accept it.

We care for these fur kids as though they were our actual children. We provide food and medical care. Take them for walks, run around the yard, and receive so much from them. We love them and they love us; it shows.

Misty traveled with us in 2020 to Northern California.

She passed away in November 2020. I never cried so much laying with her into the norning as she passed.

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