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Simple Acts of Kindness Go a Long Way When You Do Not Get To Know The Impact.

Photo by Haut Risque on Unsplash

When the “What is it for Them” in the moment.

The writer is Ali Hall the article is This 1 Compliment Has Served Me for 22 Years -The power of kind words.


It is not all about you, for that small moment in time.

When you move around in this space, we call planet earth, and in that movement you have a positive mantra. Good happens.

You feel instructed to deliver a positive message to a stranger before you and you do not know why. You see that person with and you have a comment to make and move on, not calling attention to yourself.

You deliver the words that come from within and out through your tongue.

Done. I have done what I have come in this spot and space in time, and it is time to move on.

You do not get to see the results. You may get a glimpse of the person’s face, but that is not for sure.

After doing this action, you feel it was the correct action to take at this precise moment.

You have the feeling you did what you were to do at that moment and move on.

Life is good, and you are glad you are part of the positive energy.

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