The Distraction of the Job Search Years

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I don’t need yet another job

Jan 1, 2019 I finally gave up the notion of searching for another Information Technology job.

After several years into the retirement adventure I got this spark of interest of returning to the 9 to 5 environment. Not sure why, I even asked myself that question many time, with no real reasoning or response.

Not sure why my this internal clock, set by society, that suggest people be employed until 65 years old.

Over the years I would apply at numerous small private companies, large companies, city, county, and state government positions. Out of the over 100 applications I applied for, I actually received 15 or so interview and 15 or so I don’t think so emails.

So I finally settled with myself that employment is not in my near future and it was time to drop that idea. Especially if that what I wanted to be that writer. I would have time to think like future future Writer and move on. And so I have moved on.

Listen to the inter you

Many times over the years these two concepts would come to my mind over and over again. Now that’s all behind me.

“Be careful what you wish for”

“Sometimes we wish for something and then find we really did not want it.”

I now am glad I did not get a job offer.

Finally Left behind the notion of Employment in the traditional sense

Ending 2018 with putting behind me the notion that I would reverse my life and return to regular 9 to 5 employment.

Thinking about others define my future path, commuting, stuck in traffic, considering weather conductions

The idea is finally out of my head. Finally I’m happy Roger!!

Moving forward into my next adventure.

My next chapter in life will be focusing on writing, telling my journey on how I finally pushed myself into mind set to write, taking the time, effort, and commitment.

Changing my direction was so easy once I removed distractions.

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