Life is an experiment and adventure for you, me, and all of us.

An experiment and adventure because we have not written

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An experiment and adventure because we have not written our journeys, and they entrusted us to create them over time and in doing so write our story as it unfolds.


Experiment — Test

Adventure — Unknown

Our Arrival

We do not know of where we were before we arrive. Therefore, arriving out of nothing.

Upon arriving at this world with nothing but a suit, commonly referred to as skin.

We were not aware of the options available for our suit.

No choice who our parents were going to be.

No choice where we are going to be born, as in what part of the world we would arrive in.

No choice what our suit would look like. Most of that information came as part of the DNA of our host’s generic package.

No choice how long we might stay on this planet.

No choice in the color of your skin, eyes, hair, or any aspect of what our suit was going to look like.

No choice in the language we would speak.

No choice in what we would like or dislike.

No remembrance for the first few years we are here.

We simply arrived in this world with a suit chosen for us by we know not who.

One more thing, we can without a manual, we learn everything as we go. On-the-job training.

Something you may chose to play while you continue reading?

Our exit

We spend the first approximately nine months in the dark, in the womb. And we leave into the dark. Some do not arrive; others leave unexpectedly sooner than others.

Most leave with no prior knowledge on the timing. Few have advanced notice.

We have no verifiable knowledge where we will go on our exit. I know there are those that follow religious beliefs and therefore have a speculated destination.

We will leave this world without the suit we arrived in and anything that we accumulate during the stay.

Whatever one has accumulated will get redistributed according to the current rules set up by the governing government where you live. You only have some say if you prepare it in advance, otherwise it is the government and a family member to settle your estate.

The distribution rules change from time to time at the whim of the flavor of government at the time of death.

Religion provides some answers to those who subscribe to the many Religions.

Good for those who gain some relief for aligning with one of the man-made religions.

There are far too many unanswered questions regarding where we existed before and where we will be after.

I believe that religion is a constructed instrument to offer an explanation and relief to humanity. Because there are so many Religions, they cannot all be correct, but they all can be wrong.

Mark Manson best summed up my belief and understanding of the purpose for religion in his book “Everything is F*ucked” Chapter 4 How to make all your dreams come true.

I do not subscribe to any theology expect to be my best and kind daily. I leave the choice to subscribe or not to subscribe up to each individual.

People are arriving, and people are leaving planet experiment.

This cycle is happening regularly, we have little knowledge about for how long in the past or the future.

I do not know how many times during my writing this article and you reading it, the number of new arrivals and departure took place. There is likely some place on the internet that speculates those numbers.

What happens in between?

What happens in the middle of our arrival and our exit is the between.

We arrive and have someone who is caring after us and later in life we may be the one to care after that person.

Upon arrival many things can happen, we can have parents, arrive without parents, or you may die.

If we are fortunate, we will be here around 100 years.

As someone once said, “In 100 all new people.”


We all have the same clock ticking off seconds, then minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, and years. Surprise, every four years there is one additional day added to the year. Everyone has this same set of rules regarding time.

We have no control over time as it ticks on into the future, but control on how you spend it.


No direct control over how the earth rotation process, the sky above, or weather. There are some indirect influences.

We measure and predict the future weather, the earth, and other planets’ orbits.

Gravity, we can only escape it from time to time.

So many questions unanswered.

There are more things that we do not know than what we know.

How is it it takes two humans to create a human being’s suit, and where did the first two come from? We only have a way to explain this by the creations of the theory of god and religions.

With the universe so large, why have we not able to go that far out and discover others?

Why have others outside of our world discovered by?

No one looked on the bottom of the planet for the expiration date.

What do you leave behind, did you leave a positive or negative effect on the world and people?

Leaving a legacy

Others will typically write your eulogy. What words will yours contain?

I searched for a list of personal traits, can found over 500. I took that list and sorted it into alphabetical order, then selects 60 to which I narrowed down the list to 26 traits that I hope others will remember me as containing and exhibiting in my life.

Cheerful, Considerate, Courteous, Dependable, Ethical, Forgiving, Friendly, Happy, Honest, Humble, Inspiring, Just, Kind, Listener, Moral, Patient, Polite, Positive, Reliable, Respectful, Thoughtful, Truthful, Understanding, Unselfish, Warm-Hearted, and Wise.

I think overtime I may rewrite the list or add to it.

As a writer, it is my plan to continue writing stories and thoughts to leave behind for my family members and others to understand what I thought about my life journey through this experiment and adventure.

I enjoy thinking about this interesting subject and I will write about it more in future articles.

What does your list look like, and how many would you put on your list?

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