Stop Using Mental Masturbation as an Excuse Not to Write.

This Writer’s Journey

Do not sit naked staring dots and an offline television.

This Message Is to Encourage Other Writers as Well as Myself.

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You Can Stop Using Mental Masturbation as an Excuse Not to Write. suggests that the meaning for Mental-masturbation is one of two meanings.

Engaging in intellectually stimulating conversation with little or no practical purpose.

Thought processes that only serve to satisfy oneself.

Writer’s Block, I do not think so.

Well all do it, myself included, as reasoning for postponing just write whatever you are thinking or talking about.

There are those writers who have a collection of unfinished rough drafts. The someday articles waiting to be completed and finally published.

Writing is just talking in print form.

Writer’s block is just a form of either mental-masturbation or allowing distractions to sidetrack us from our intended task at hand. Just Write it out. Then edit, and of course publish. Until we publish it, is not complete.

Different days have different times slots which work best.

Milage may vary from writer to writer. Sometimes it’s scheduled time. It could be spontaneous time, I talk it out, then write it before the thoughts escape, edit if necessary.

Many ideas come to me when I am in the mist of being with other people. We may discuss something and I can get some else’s perspectives. Their input and thoughts can change my thinking from time to time. I consider this activity as intelligence and research gathering.

Write past the first draft.

Recently I have been experimenting with expanding my first idea by writing more sentences and formatting some of my thoughts into sections. I gather several article picture ideas and usually narrow it down to one. This helps drive me to a closer finish line and of course publishing the article.

I recently started working to reduce writing time.

After being retired for years, I recently started working. You know no one wants to take the minimum wage jobs. I am experimenting with the idea of less time to write so make it count. I have in the last several months be able to gather more material from being out in the world that I would not have had access to otherwise.

I have people of all ages to interact with and gather their thoughts and how they think; it is a real eye opener. I am so glad I took this journey.

Three valuable writer resources for today.

If you want to become a better version of yourself as a writer in the future, I have some do suggestions and some DO NOT do suggestions.

Do suggestions:

Follow and read the publications of both Casey Botticello and Dr Mehmet Yildiz.

Both I consider people who are truly gifted and want to help other writers. Both offer a ton of material that if you just spend the time reading will boost your writing journey. Casey has some additional material that you can get for monthly fees or a yearly fee, tiny when compared to the writing packages from other writers.

If you want access to real seasoned successful writers, pay the $180 yearly fee for, or slightly higher if you choose monthly. They have in the past given you the option of giving to someone else and year subscription. This can change.

DO NOT do suggestions:

Take any Writer’s courses.

Do not pay for coaching.

Stop following Writer who write about their success.

Have a lovely day and Cheers!

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