All You Need Is a Simple 5 Step Writing Plan to Be a Successful Writer.

This Writer’s Journey

Start At Step One. Then Move Through to Step Five.

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The magic of this plan is in the execution. If you publish it, they will come.

The first step is important, but not without each succeeding step following close behind. The part that most of us forget is step five.

1. Write

In the beginning spend your time writing only and leave out the editing. Stay focused on the job of flowing what is in your mind onto the page one word, then the sentence comes. Couple of sentences and you get to the paragraph part of the journey. Getting to the next paragraph is now your next assignment. Turn the critic in your brain to off or mute for the time being, so all your thought juices come flowing out. Get it done in some amount of fixed time. Set the clock and keep writing until it is up. If at some point the time is up and you want to keep writing, then go with the flow.

2. Edit

During the editing, the critic can now be unmuted or turn on, but only in some moderation. This is the point where you review and revise what you have created. Move sentences around, remove sentences or whole chunks. At some point, reading out loud is important. But do not do that yourself because your mind will trick you into thinking it sounds ok. There are plenty of texts to speech options. These will quickly show you what does not sound great or is a little off. We cannot trick your hearing.

3. Pic a pic

Picking the perfect picture will never happen. Just set your criteria and shop for a specific amount of time. I use my current process, mostly, and select a picture that touches you. I have had times where several touch and many times I go to the first one. I like to check the picture stats and select one that is less often used. I do not want my picture to be the same one that hundreds of others have used.

4. Publish

This is the part where you pull it all together. Title, subtitle, picture, words, final formatting tweaks.

This is where the rubber meets the road, or launch time, or you set your piece of art on its journey.

When you get this far, the last step is the most important and final step that will start your habit and send you on the journey to become the successful writer you want to become.

5. Repeat

This step sounds simple but is the tough one. Because as time goes on and you get busy, it gets dropped.

Have your next articles, yes, over one queued up in various writing stages.

Hit publish and take a 5-minute break followed by creating the beginning of the next article or editing of an existing one.

Creating Your Writing Habit

It is never too late to start your writing habit.

Create the habit by getting your “X” on the calendar as Justin Cox wrote about Jerry Seinfeld started in the beginning.

If you are to be a writer and not writing, you are shorting the world of your view.

Share with me after you have your seven consecutive days of ‘x”

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