Searching for Inevitabilities — Song by April Rain


The Search Begins With the Birth of Human Life and Ends at Death.

Photo by John Tallent on Unsplash

The journey between birth and death is the part which we get to work on. Everyone has a different trajectory. Some close to others and some that may never come close. While other that come close from time to time.

Searching, we are on some quest in life for something. We get grimaces or flickering from the something and hear off into the dark sometimes of others the light. The dark when we are not sure of the directions. The light when we have an almost rational idea of what is it, we want. We move in and out of both darkness and the light.

Traveling in life with our skin and walking in our shoes seems old to us and other times new. Old when we have a Déjà moment and amnesia, if we forgot or do not remember the last experience, and it seems new.

I think life is an experiment and adventure all rolled together like a sushi roll. We should enjoy both.

We can be up or down by the surrounding things, the forces that both push and pull us through the part of life that starts at birth and end in death.

We do not have white out to erase the past, or a rewind button to do that thing that did not go well and want to do it over.

We should learn from our mistakes while on this journey with the hope of not repeating them, or at least not repeating them repeatedly, to the point of reaching insanity.

We cannot compare ourselves to others, only comparing ourselves to a former version of ourselves, hopefully that we have made a positive move forward.

We accumulate memories, holding on to the good ones, and forget or letting go of the questionable memories over time as we age. Wisdom is a learning process that occurs as we age.

All new people every 100 years.

All the pieces go back in the box.

I hope to enjoy the time to its fullest that I have left on this planet.

Take a listen to the song on your favorite music service and tell me what you think about it.

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