A Song for Starlit Beaches — Song by Yndi Halda


I Have Many Memories About Being at the Beach.

Photo by Casey Horner on Unsplash

Being born in San Francisco that was my first introduction to the beach. Ocean beaches differ from other beaches because of the salt water and the smell the salt differentiates from freshwater beaches.

Being at the beach at night seems more mysterious than during the day. Both times of day are delightful. The only thing that would deter me would be high winds and storm conditions.

I recall being young and the time my grandmother collected shells from the ocean beach and saved them for me. Today I still have them.

When my daughter was thirty months, I remember distinctly the first time she was at the Santa Cruz beach. The look on her face told me she would be a beach lover and want to return as much as possible.

While on business travel in France, it was night, and I had a little much to drink. I woke up my wife by calling her to tell how much I loved her and that I was calling from the beach that was starlit.

This is a great song that I will play the next time I am at the beach.


Take a listen to the song on your favorite music service and tell me what you think about it.

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