Waiting and Waltzing in Airport Terminals — Song by Industries of the Blind


I would listen to song if I were in an airport terminal today.

Photo by Charles Gao on Unsplash

Business and Personal

I have traveled in the past for both business and personal reasons. Travel for business is great because your business is paying for you to conduct business on their behalf, and you benefit from seeing new areas of the world if you have not been in those communities.


When traveling, there is a lot of waiting involved. Waiting to get to the airport. More waiting to get to the terminal. Checking in your baggage. Ticketing, checking IDs. Scanning carry-on luggage and other personal items. Scanning you.


Now the waiting has turned into waltzing as you wait to board. Many be it is time for a snack or refreshment. Did you bring reading material? Is that reading material on your phone? Time to review your phone for updates regarding the journey.


Time to make your way to your seat. Stow away luggage or other items. Meet those seated next or near you. Say hello or other pleasantries. Listening to the announcements. Settling in and buckle your seat belts. Taxi to the runway and you are off and in the air.

In Flight Activities

Headphone ready to listen to your music, or listen to books being read to you, maybe a podcast. Maybe it is time for a nap, or a quick shut eye. You might use the time to think or ponder the day ahead or days behind in the rearview mirror of your life. They confined you to a seating area, unless you have to make a pit stop in flight.


Time to prepare to deplane. Gathering all your items and get them back into their respective places. Making sure you have your phone, purse, and all other personal items.

Time to Deplane

Grabbing personal items from the overhead storage or under the seat, you make your way to the exit. And into the terminal. You are on the ground again. Making your way to transportation to your destination.

Ground Transportation

Twenty years ago, ground transportation comprised Rental Car, Limo Drivers, someone who met you at the terminal sidewalk exit.

Today there are many more app options.

Thinking back about Air Travel

Last air trip was maybe ten years ago. Simpler than by compared to today’s busy and complex air travel.

People were more relaxed and not so uptight. Rarely did someone explode or come unglued.

In the early days of flying, you could see into the cockpit, chat with the pilots.

People were calmer, life seemed simpler without all the complexity that seems to be woven into society today.

Thank you for reading my thoughts of yesteryear.


Take a listen to the song on your favorite music service and tell me what you think about it.

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