How To Find Your Definition Of Happiness

Identify the activities that bring you joy. The first step to identifying your definition of happiness is to be more aware of the activities that genuinely bring you joy. To find your own definition of happiness in life, you need to be deeply connected with yourself and your interests before comparing yourself to others. Don’t […]

Use These Two Words To Make Other People’s Day Better, Thank You

Thank you. These two words carry a lot of weight. They are a powerful way to show appreciation for someone else. They can make someone’s day better and brighten their mood. So, if you want to make someone else’s day better, say thank you. It’s a simple act that can have a big impact. Thank […]

The Feeling of Time: Why Some Of Us Feel It Moving Quickly And Others Slowly

How we experience time is a complex and fascinating topic. Depending on our perspective, time can feel like it is moving either quickly or slowly. But what determines our perception of time? And why do some of us feel like time is moving faster than others? Let us explore the science behind our perception of […]

What I Have Learned About Life At age 70

First, I have learned that life is not always fair. No matter how hard you work or how good of a person you are, bad things can happen to you. This is something that I have had to come to terms with, and it has made me more resilient. Second, I have learned that being […]

How to save time and money by cutting things that don’t serve you.

We are all looking for ways to save time and money. For some of us, that might mean cutting out things that we don’t need. But how do you know what to cut? In our fast-paced society, it can feel like we’re always on the go and there’s never enough time in the day. They […]

Searching for Inevitabilities — Song by April Rain

WRITING INSPIRED BY: SONG The Search Begins With the Birth of Human Life and Ends at Death. Photo by John Tallent on Unsplash The journey between birth and death is the part which we get to work on. Everyone has a different trajectory. Some close to others and some that may never come close. While other that come […]

Out There — Song by Long Distance Calling

WRITING INSPIRED BY: SONGS Out There, Attempting to Sort Out Our Lives. Photo by Olimpo Avila Salazar on Unsplash We are born with no manual in hand. Most have parents, or another teacher of sort. Learning to breathe is first and format on the list of learning. Followed by eating and pooping. Discovering others around us, we learn to […]

Moment of Clarity — Song by Light Bin

WRITING INSPIRED BY: SONGS Get Up Above the Clouds to See Clearly the Clarity. Photo by Marek Piwnicki on Unsplash The moments come and go, but they do come and remind us of the clarity. We must be patient and listen for their arrivals. That clarity for me is that I am a writer, and I must write, […]