The 7 Proven Ingredients You Need For A Long Lasting Relationship

Photo by Mark Timberlake on Unsplash

If you want to have a long-lasting, happy, and healthy relationship, there are 7 key ingredients you need. Without these 7 things, your relationship will not be as strong as it could be and is likely to fizzle out eventually. The good news is that these 7 things are within your control and are things […]

The illusion of coincidences: Why do we see patterns where there are none?

Do you ever have one of those moments where you think to yourself, “It’s a small world”? You may be surprised to learn that this feeling is more than just a coincidence. It’s what psychologists call the “illusion of coincidences.” This phenomenon occurs when we see patterns in random events and assign meaning to them. […]

The 5 Things You Need To Quit Doing To Get Your Time Back & Save Money

Time is a precious commodity. If you feel like you’re always short on time, it’s probably because you’re not using your time wisely. There are a lot of activities that we do daily that are time-consuming and take away valuable time that we could be using to do things that we love. To take back […]

Who Do You Trust? 4 Ways To Evaluate The People In Your Life

We all have people in our lives that we trust – our family, our friends, our colleagues. But how do we really know whom to trust? How can we be sure that the people in our lives are worthy of our trust? There are certain behaviors and characteristics that trustworthy people tend to display. By […]

3 Reasons Elected Officials Aren’t Fixing The US Taxing System

The United States has the most complicated tax system in the world. This is not an accident. The complexities of the tax code have been deliberately created by special interests to benefit themselves at the expense of the American people. The result is a system that is rigged against the average taxpayer. The wealthy and […]

Why You Should Make Enjoying Life A Daily Priority

It’s easy to get caught up in day-to-day life and forget to slow down and enjoy the moment. But what we forget is that enjoying life should be a daily priority. Making time for the things you enjoy can seem like a luxury, but it’s a necessity. When you do the things you enjoy, you […]

Saying No is a powerful way of getting your life back in order.

Sometimes you have to say No to yourself. Self-discipline is hard because we are our own worst enemies. We honestly know what the right thing to do is, but we don’t always do it. If you want to stop procrastinating and get your life in order, you need to say no to yourself sometimes. That […]

Why Consistency Might Be the Key to a Joyful Life

It is often said that the key to a joyful life is happiness. But what if the key to happiness is consistency? The quest for happiness is a lifelong journey for many of us. We try different things in the hope that we will finally find what will make us happy. But often, we only […]

Free Thinking Does Not Fit Nicely in a Box.

We must set it free. My free thinking has never fit neatly into a box. We are all unique, and that is our beauty. There is no one like you, nor will there ever be. You are a special snowflake. Don’t feel bad about not being able to fit neatly into the boxes that others […]

The Feeling of Time: Why Some Of Us Feel It Moving Quickly And Others Slowly

How we experience time is a complex and fascinating topic. Depending on our perspective, time can feel like it is moving either quickly or slowly. But what determines our perception of time? And why do some of us feel like time is moving faster than others? Let us explore the science behind our perception of […]