The Dream: Walk away is sometimes the best approach.

Writing Inspired By Thinking Dreams — the kind that take place while we sleep. The Dream: Walk away is sometimes the best approach. Dreams — the kind that take place while we sleep. I usually sleep like a baby, literally. We all have dreams while we sleep, and sometimes we able to recall them. We sleep to rest the body, but […]

This is My Life: 50 years ago

I was a Senior in high school, next year I would graduate. Photo by Eliott Reyna on Unsplash Lunch at our High School Our high school had an open campus for lunch. There was food that could be purchased on campus. A group of us that would go off campus for lunch to a deli that […]

Minutes reads: What I learned in 10 years of retiring.

Photo by Harli Marten on Unsplash Our income did not require that hours from the 9 to 5, Monday through Friday, work week. Every day became a long continual week end. Shopping during the day, rarely after 3–4 pm and weekends. Volunteering because I can. For me it meant hearing aids. And having reading glasses by […]

5 ways I changed my habits to work smarter and created more time for me

Photo by Drew Beamer on Unsplash Doing one, many, or these 5 habit changes will create more time for you to… (fill in the blank), for me it’s write more. 1. I stopped doing what I can and started doing what I want to do. has a great article about Matthew McConaughey’s Motivational Speech and […]

Helping my 94 year old friend setup his new learning tools

Photo by JD Mason on Unsplash What keeps Bob going every day Bob turned 94 in January 2019. Bob’s obsessed with two things: golf and bowling. What keeps Bob going every day, his obsession with getting better at bowling and golf. Bob forgets that he’s 94 and cannot do either like when he was 74. Bob […]

June 2017 began my Recalculating Period

Photo by Simon Connellan on Unsplash What is a recalculating period? There are two concepts that I think best describe what a recalculating period meant. The first one the GPS device and the second one an Albert Einstein saying. One benefit during employment was job related travel. During travel usually meant rental cars in a foreign […]

What Early retirement looked like for us

Photo by Ruediger Theiselmann on Unsplash The master Plan When I was younger, I had this notion I wanted to retire by age 50, thinking age 65 was too far away, So at age 57 several events and circumstances made us consider early retirement. Our new master plan was to sell our home and with the […]

Moving to the Seattle Area in 1998 from the Bay Area

Photo by Al x on Unsplash I received the call One thing I learned sometime ago, from who I don’t recall, was always to keep your resume current. The advice was as soon as you start a job update your resume. This one piece of advice and my actions to take heed has been a blessing […]