Song: Forward We Move, Upward We Climb by the Sun Burns Bright

WRITING INSPIRED BY: SONGS This is our path in life, if we are a writer or have any other ambition in life of succeeding. Photo by Daniel Thiele on Unsplash Moving forward and upwards is how we reach the goal we have. How do I know because that has been how my life has evolved. The goal has […]

Song: An Illusion Of Order by Red Sparrows

WRITING INSPIRED BY: SONGS An Illusionist creates Illusions. Photo by Ivy Barn on Unsplash Illusionist defined. defines “An illusionist is a performer who makes it seem that strange or impossible things are happening.” defines an illusionist as “a conjurer or magician who creates illusions, as by sleight of hand.” defines illusionist as “A person […]

Song: The Guardians of the Deepness by Those Who Ride With Giants

Writing Inspired By: Song Photo by Roger Skibowski on Unsplash I am intrigued and amazed by the rising of the sun since I was young. The raising of the sun still is happening even if you do not see it behinds the clouds. We all talk about the rising of the sun, but in fact the sun is […]

5 ways I changed my habits to work smarter and created more time for me

Photo by Drew Beamer on Unsplash Doing one, many, or these 5 habit changes will create more time for you to… (fill in the blank), for me it’s write more. 1. I stopped doing what I can and started doing what I want to do. has a great article about Matthew McConaughey’s Motivational Speech and […]