Song: The Guardians of the Deepness by Those Who Ride With Giants

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I am intrigued and amazed by the rising of the sun since I was young.

The raising of the sun still is happening even if you do not see it behinds the clouds.

We all talk about the rising of the sun, but in fact the sun is at the center of our solar system. The sun is rotating at different durations depending on the different parts of the sun. The average revolution is 27 days.

Earth is rotating and circling the sun. The earth completes one revolution in 24 hours and circles the sun in 365 days plus one quarter of a day. Which accounts for February having the 29th day every four years.

The moon rotates every 27 plus days and circles the earth. The moon’s circling pattern changes over time and repeated regularly as it circles the earth.

The earth has weather pattern and conditional that prohibit us from seeing the moon and sun, but both the Sun and Moon are out there and active.

Zoom out from Earth and you have our Solar System.

At the center of our solar system is of course the Sun, and some number of planets all rotation and circling the Sun. They include Earth in the collection of planets, moons and other orbiting objects named or numbered.

Zoom out and we enter the Milky Way, one of many Galaxies.

Our Solar system is but one in many solar systems include in the milky way, a galaxy comprising a collection of solar systems like our solar system.

Zoom out to Quasars and Large Quasar Group.

Yet another extensive collection of rotating and circling planets out in space.


The Guardians of the Deepness hold the universe together with objects spinning and circling other objects.

They have for some undetermined amount of time done so with no end in sight continuing on the same course.

We know so little compared to the vastness beyond our planet.

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