I imagined Elvis speaking with Misty one day.

Photo by Laith Abushaar on Unsplash

What the conversation might be between a Blue Doberman male and a Fawn Doberman female after we adopted her, and they are hanging out.

I imagined Elvis speaking with Misty one day.

What I must share with you will take me some time, and as you may have figured out by now, I am a little laid back and easygoing.

I want to share with you all the history that I know of the two humans in charge of our care.

I can tell you this one thing, “this is your last stop, you will pass away while in the custody of these people, so don’t worry about a thing. They will take care of everything you need. You are in a safe place.”

What I am about to share with you has been told to me first paw by Star.

Star’s story

These people adopted star when she was two years old in 2006. She and they discovered she had heart issues called DCM (dilated cardiomyopathy) a heart issue that without medication can be deadly. With Medication an extended life, usually normal activities. It was not an issue for them, and life was normal for Star. Anyone in their care always had more than enough food, treats were part of the deal. Play toys included. Any necessary medication to keep us going was no problem for them. They provided comfortable bedding to lie in multiple places like the bedroom, living room, and the office area.

Elvis’ story

But wait, let me start with how I became part of this family and a bit about me. I am a one hundred twenty-pound Doberman. Yes, and a little oversize, but that just more of me to love. I had these other humans that cared for me until they took a job which moved them overseas. I stayed with these people for about 2 years. They found me a new home with people who had another Doberman and three cats. It was the best things that could have happened to me. They came over one evening to see me and the boy human sat down at my level and introduced himself to me. We really hit it off, and I was on my way to these new people’s home. This has been the best journey for me. And listening to Star’s stories over the years has reassured me I am in the best place.

Tapping the door to go out.

Star told me about this tapping on the door with your paw when you want to go out. Not just standing there or barking needed. You simply walk over to the door, raise your paw, and tap on the door several times. One of them shows up, opens the door and we go outside and relieve ourselves or lay outside, whatever we want to do.

Do not worry about the food supply.

One more thing, remember how I told you about the food supply. Stop eating like there is no tomorrow. The food supply keeps coming and on a regular schedule. Oh one more thing, slow down while you are eating.

Misty slowed down in a short among of time. Thanks, Elvis, for giving her brilliant advice.

There is more information here about our fur kids.


Thank you for reading my article.