A Review of Our Life From Our Rearview Mirror

Photo by Daniel Novykov on Unsplash

A shout out and thanks to Frank James Sanders.

Thanks for the article I just checked my stats. It confirmed what I wanted them to be.

When we look in our rearview mirror what are some of the things we see, everyone’s view is as unique as we are.

Our parents, friends, our accomplishments, our failures, and the many more events and emotions from times before now.

My Parents.

My parents were loving and kind. They like all of us set out to raise children without a manual. They had seven children, I was the second oldest. They also had two still born children. And before they passed two of their children passed, my only sister and one brother. Besides me there are still four brothers alive.

They did teach us life important traits like kindness, respect, generosity, compassion, empathy and sympathy, among many others. My Dad would teach us not to waste, by saying turn the light off in the room you are not in, and put your tools away so you will be able to find them later. I developed a habit of leaving by tool box drawer open as a reminder I have a tool out. and I turn light out in rooms, even those rooms with LED lights.


Friends, I differentiate from acquaintance. Although we have many acquaintances, the friend category is smaller. Growing up I had acquaintances in high school, jobs, and life in general. Today I have less than ten truly friends, one is my brother who is a sixteen months younger than me. I have had several friends in the pass who moved from acquaintance to friend and back to acquaintance, because they changed their life values.

Our accomplishments, our failures, and the many more events and emotions in another article.


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